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Jackie DesChamps


Jackie is one the most inspirational and charismatic speakers in the professional speaking industry. Through her research and working with high performers, her work in helping leader-ship teams incorporate “Intuition” with management principles assists frontline to mid-level managers not only enhance their leadership style but to also challenge them to live, learn, and lead a more valid life experience. Her charismatic and compelling speaking style ensures an audience experience not just a presentation.

Jackie is a sought-after event facilitator and panel moderator for faith-based events. She has the ability to immediately grab the attention of her audience to create an environment of inspiration, worship, and praise. She shares her personal experiences of God’s impact on her life to help others strengthen or begin a personal relationship with their creator.


Based on more than 25 years of management experience in both the public and private sectors, Jackie has been recognized for her ability to inspire and engage her workforce to increase productivity and reduce operational expenses. She accomplished this by incorporating intuition, creativity, along with learned management principles to develop her unique management style. She has learned and implemented role-model practices from some of the best managed organizations in the United States. Her exceptional leadership skills have been credited with moving organizations from perilous times to prosperous results. As a frontline manager for a Fortune 500 company, Jackie set out to become like the other managers in the organization. She soon discovered that the limited success of her decisions left her dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Jackie broke out of the cookie cutter management mold and began to lead by creating an environment of innovation for her workforce. The result was the creation of a high-performing workforce that welcomed challenging and meaningful work.


Jackie credits her grandmother’s strong influence in her life for her professional success. It was her grand-mother who taught her to follow the path that was designed for her, not to go along with what others expected. Jackie’s parents instilled in her a strong work ethic, the importance of education, and reaching back and paying it forward. Her first job was mopping floors in her family’s cleaning business. This is when she learned by example from her parents: always do your best no matter how humble the job. She did and she does.

Jackie was raised in a gospel-singing family. Her siblings began singing at very early ages, but Jackie was a late bloomer and displayed her talent in her teenage years. Today, her bolstering and spirit-filled singing voice is felt by all in her presence. She earned her bachelors degree in Business Management from Carlow College in Pittsburgh; her Master’s degree in Not-for-Profit Management was earned from the University of Maryland University College. Jackie is a breast cancer survivor, committed to encouraging and educating men and women affected by the disease to live beyond their diagnosis and to live a life of purpose. While fighting her way back to health, Jackie gained new insight and perspective on living a life of purpose and passion. She recognized how acting upon her intuition enabled her to more fully use her true talents and abilities to live a life of balance, peace, and prosperity.

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