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The High Energy Edge for Women Leaders: Harnessing Maximum Brain Power and Productivity

Cathy Richards
Lifestyle and Wellness Strategist and Speaker

Session Description

Smart women leaders do what it takes to be at the top of their game and maximize their greatest assets: their teams. Mental and physical energy are crucial to business and personal success and yet many women leaders face burnout and fatigue. Support your team and facilitate peak performance with tools and inspiration that rejuvenate and elevate. Learn:

  • Mindset mastery that will change intermittent energy into lifelong vitality
  • Metabolism magic that changes physiology
  • Rejuvenation factors that forever fix fatigue
  • Stressbusters that save your sanity
  • Superfood and movement secrets that make MAGIC
  • Brain function facts that will supercharge your life
  • And much more

Let’s make TODAY matter and get on the road to a stronger body, sharper brain, and endless energy!

Speaker Biography

Cathy Richards, M.A. is an exercise physiologist, wellness coach, and author of BOOM: Six Steps to a Longer, Healthier Life. After working in both corporate and senior living settings, Cathy’s signature programs focus on maximizing physical health, brain function, and energy levels for all ages with a unique message of “never too early, never too late”. As a professional speaker, Cathy unlocks key mindset shifts and strategies for lasting motivation and lifestyle change. She has been featured on numerous TV news stations and print publications including the Washington Post; you can find out more about her at

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