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COVID-19 Guidelines

· Each class will enter and exit the building from a designated exterior door.
· Parents and caretakers will be asked to review the green Daily Family Health Screening sheet each morning to perform basic health screening and sign his/her student in for the day.

· No parent or caretaker will be allowed to walk a child to his/her classroom.
· The school playground will not be open for use before or after school.
· Both staff and children will have their temperatures taken upon arrival.
· If a child and/or staff member has a temperature of 100 degrees or above, they will be sent home. To return to school, children and staff must be fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducers and have a note from a doctor’s office approving their return to school.
· If another member of a student’s or staff member’s household has a fever or symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, he/she must not come to school until COVID-19 test results or diagnosis is negative.
· According to our Virginia Licensing, facilities with multiple confirmed cases of COVID-19 among their population should close at least temporarily (e.g., 14 days or the duration advised by local health officials). The duration may be dependent on staffing levels, outbreak levels in the community, and severity of illness in infected individual. Symptom-free children and staff should not attend another facility, which would potentially expose others (VA Licensing). In addition, any child related to the infected student must also quarantine for 14 days.
· If there is a diagnosed case in one of our students or staff, the exposed classroom will be suspended and students expected to quarantine at home for 14 days. Extra sterilization and deep cleaning of the classroom will be done.
· For late arrivals and early pick-ups, parents must ring-in at the front door. A staff member will open the door. Please call ahead (703-625-2144).

· We fully plan to follow social distancing guidelines.
· Masks are required for children ages three and up and all staff.
· We recommend you practice wearing the masks with your child for longer periods at a time, talking to them about not touching their faces and how to properly scrub their hands.
· Please send in at least three masks for your child each day with his/her name written on them. Cloth masks must be laundered each night. You may send in the disposable medical masks as well.
· While we will still have our restrooms open, we do ask that you have your child use the restroom before coming to school. Restrooms are not available to parents, caretakers and/or siblings not enrolled.
· Water fountains will be turned off until further notice (please have your child bring a labeled water bottle each day).
· We will have an air purifier in each classroom and keep windows open as much as reasonably possible to allow for fresh air except in extreme weather conditions.
· On our classroom tables, we have plastic dividers.
· Each class will have a separate arrival and departure entrance and exit and will walk through the halls at separate times. Each class will have a designated restroom for washing hands and using the bathroom.

· Hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed at each entrance. Students and staff members will use hand sanitizer upon arrival and wash hands upon entering the building, after outdoor play, before and after eating snacks, when using the bathroom and as needed throughout the day.
· Additionally, in-class sanitizing will occur when students change stations within the classroom. Toys, tools and learning materials will be sanitized as needed and hand sanitizer will be readily available.
· Each Student will have individual toolkits with crayons, pencils, glue, paintbrushes, etc. and any shared items will be sanitized before being used again when appropriate.

· We have put into place a stringent daily cleaning, sanitation and disinfectant regimen for all shared common surfaces and play items.
· Restrooms and touch points are sanitized regularly. We have a dedicated resource teacher to help enforce cleaning procedures and safety, as well as an after-hours cleaning service.

· Children will have more outside time. Please ensure that they dress appropriately for the day’s weather and apply sunscreen each morning when weather dictates. Children may leave boots and extra clothing (e.g., hats, gloves) at school.

· Each class will use designated spaces; classes will not intermix.
· Special events this year will be cancelled at this time or postponed. These include playground clean up, back to school picnic, Halloween party, Toy Sale and Santa’s Breakfast.


The measures we have put into place will allow us to continue to operate as stated in these guidelines should Virginia re-enter Phase II. We are currently in Phase III.

For changes in the ability to hold in-person class due to government orders or COVID-19 exposures:

If we are subject to a mandated closure from two weeks to one month, fees will be collected in accordance with your contract. This will also be the case if one class has a diagnosed COVID-19 case or if we have to shut down multiple or all classes due to an outbreak of COVID-19 cases in the school.  During a closure or quarantine period, teachers will provide curriculum learning kits with hands-on materials and virtual lessons. If we are required to close for more than four consecutive weeks, you will receive a 50% tuition discount and teachers will provide learning kits with materials and virtual lessons. If we enter another long-term shut down, your participation in distance learning will be optional. A fee will be determined at that time.

Of course, we are all hoping that with our safety protocols and precautions that we can continue in person learning. We understand preschool education is meant to be hands on and we want to use this model to stay connected with your child. We will continue to take feedback and have already been planning improved virtual lessons if this should happen.

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